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Equality Bill 'is positive development for workers'

Equality Bill 'is positive development for workers'

The Equality Bill, which is due to come into effect in October 2010, will have a positive impact on the working lives of UK employees.

This is according to legal expert Amy Richardson, who said it will reduce the risk of unfair treatment.

Writing for the BBC, she said it will promote equality and reduce discrimination, as well as tackle the gender pay gap and consolidate existing laws on sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief and age.

Ms Richardson added: "Whilst [it] will mean extra work, once in force it should ensure that both employers and employees benefit from a fairer and more transparent workplace."

She also claimed that the bill will have more of impact on smaller organisations as they are less likely to have comprehensive anti-discrimination and harassment rules in place currently.

The Equality Bill was introduced in the House of Commons on April 24th this year.