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Woman claims unfair dismissal during London tribunal

Woman claims unfair dismissal during London tribunal

A claim of unfair dismissal has been made by a former Landscape Institute employee, who argues that an alternative position should have been offered to her.

Annabel Downs told Horticulture Week that she has taken the matter to the London Central Employment Tribunal in order to "gain closure".

She was one of 11 members of the 26 Landscape Institute staff who lost their jobs as the organisation aimed to avoid bankruptcy last year.

But rather than being made redundant, former archivist Ms Downs believes she should have been offered the role of head of library and information services.

The appeals process was not impartial, she has suggested, because the panel consisted of Landscape Institute president Neil Williamson and another trustee.

An educational charity, the Landscape Institute is concerned with the protection, conservation and enhancement of the natural and built environment, with its 6,000 members including architects and chartered landscape architects.