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Social network discrimination warning for employers

Social network discrimination warning for employers

Businesses have been urged not to consult social networking sites when considering job applications, as it could lead to discrimination claims.

The Law Society warned that using the likes of Facebook and MySpace to vet candidates is a dangerous practice.

This is because details such as religious beliefs and sexual discrimination are often shared on these portals and could be perceived to influence hiring decisions.

Chair of the organisation's Employment Law Committee John Morris also explained that people should avoid befriending their superiors, stating: "The dismissal of employees for comments made about employers on social networking sites can also lead to unfair dismissal claims."

Earlier this year, 16-year-old Kimberley Swann said she had been sacked from a position at Ivell Marketing & Logistics in Essex after posting comments on Facebook about the job, describing it as "boring".

However, Mr Morris noted that such action can be defended if an employer can demonstrate that it was a reasonable response to the conduct.