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Kate Winslet secures £25k in libel damages

Kate Winslet secures £25k in libel damages

English actress Kate Winslet has been successful in her bid to secure libel damages over an article printed in a newspaper.

Recently, the Oscar-winning star of films including Titanic, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Little Children secured £25,000 from the Daily Mail's publishers Associated Newspapers, which she intends to give to charity.

Her legal case centred on a story published by the newspaper concerning her fitness regime.

The article was based on an interview she had given to Elle magazine in which she said she does not have time to go to a gym but practises Pilates at home instead.

She argued that the story, which criticised her for understating the amount of exercise she did to stay in shape, damaged her personal and professional reputation.

Winslet claimed she had been "distressed and embarrassed" by the tone of the piece, particularly because she is often described as a positive role model for young women.

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