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First female beefeater bullied in the workplace

First female beefeater bullied in the workplace

The first woman in history to be made a beefeater has made allegations of workplace bullying against some of her colleagues, a claim that has resulted in two employees being suspended and a third questioned by the Tower of London.

Moira Cameron, who joined the beefeaters in 2007, made the complaints after her uniform was reported to having been defaced, while threatening notes were placed in her locker, People Management reports.

The organisation in charge of the Tower, Historical Royal Palaces, commented that bullying between members of staff was "totally unacceptable" and an internal investigation has been launched.

Ms Cameron's appointment to the role of beefeater - which requires members of the armed forces to have 22 years' military service in order to be eligible for the position - was taken as a breakthrough for diversity.

This news comes after recent research by Unison revealed that workplace bullying is on the rise, with more than a third of those questioned admitting to experiencing victimisation in the last six months.