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Banking sector 'bad for gender pay discrimination'

Banking sector 'bad for gender pay discrimination'
Britain's banking sector has been highlighted as one of the main industries in the country where pay discrepancies between genders occur.

Tatjana Hine, the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs' president, said it "is the worst that there is regarding differentials between men and women", noting that traditionally it has always been very male dominated.

She suggested one of the main reasons for this is the "long hours" and "play hard, work hard" mentality that persists in banking, something which females are not always able to do.

Her comments were made following the publication of The Finance Inquiry by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

It revealed there was a gender pay gap of 80 per cent when it came to performance-related pay (PRP), with men earning £14,554 a year on average, compared to £2,875 for women.

The annual basic pay gap was 39 per cent, with the figure increasing to 47 per cent when PRP, overtime and bonuses were also taken into account.