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Whistleblower was treated unfairly, tribunal rules

Whistleblower was treated unfairly, tribunal rules

A black female magistrate who spoke out about the alleged hostile treatment of black defendants by some fellow magistrates has been successful in an employment tribunal.

Iris Josiah, who lives in north London, claimed that such defendants were subject to "harsh remarks, severe sentencing, disregard for personal mitigation, easy findings of guilt and [were the] most likely to be sentenced to prison".

After she made the comments, the 50-year-old was suspended from sitting as a magistrate and was removed from a part-heard case.

She was also informed that she would be able to resume her role if she agreed to withdraw her remarks.

During a recent tribunal, her claims of unfair treatment were upheld.

The panel said: "The claimant was less favourably treated in these respects because of her complaint of race discrimination and her subsequent proceedings."

Ms Josiah is based in the north London borough of Enfield, which is situated in the outer part of the capital.