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Sellers 'must have choice over Hips'

Sellers 'must have choice over Hips'

Those who are looking to sell their homes must be given the option to "shop around" to find the best deal for their home information pack (Hip).

This is according to Lesley Sorridimi of HIPHIPhooray, who argued that it is "absolutely right" that people should be able to choose to not purchase the pack from their estate agent.

She stated that while the service should be available through the agent, vendors should have the opportunity to obtain it elsewhere, stating: "There is nothing wrong with healthy competition."

However, Ms Sorridimi warned sellers against obtaining their Hip from an unapproved seller, stating that "non-compliant or substandard" versions sold as legitimate packs can be purchased online.

Her comments came after a recent report by Which? found that Hips purchased from estate agents can cost up to 50 per cent more than those that are available from firms specialising in producing them.

The report revealed that some property sellers could be paying over the odds by almost £300.