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Figures point to sex discrimination among UK firms

Figures point to sex discrimination among UK firms

Statistics produced recently on behalf of the Observer suggest that sex discrimination may still be an issue among firms in the UK.

Research conducted by Co-operative Asset Management found that only 242 out of 2,742 seats on the boards of FTSE 350 firms were occupied by women.

This was despite that fact that 90 per cent of businesses polled claimed to have equal opportunities schemes in operation.

"Our report shows that leading UK plcs believe an inclusive, progressive approach brings real benefits, but also shows that too many companies still appear to pay the issue lip service," stated managing director of Co-operative Asset Management John Reizenstein.

Under UK employment laws, sex discrimination is prohibited.

This applies to a range of areas - including status, training and promotion opportunities - and anyone who believes they may have suffered sex discrimination may be eligible to take their case to an employment tribunal.