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Soldier left paraplegic to receive compensation

Soldier left paraplegic to receive compensation
A soldier who was left paraplegic after jumping off a bridge is to receive a significant sum in compensation.

According to reports in the Telegraph, Charles Radclyffe was on a training exercise in Lower Saxony, Germany when the accident occurred.

The 2nd Lieutenant in the 1st Battalion of the Irish Guards was told by a senior officer that it would be "bad form" if he did not make the 65-foot jump.

The first time he made the jump, he did so without injury.

However, the second time he entered the water with his legs bent and suffered serious injuries as a result.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) argued that it was not liable for the damage he sustained because Mr Radclyffe was "the voluntary author of his own misfortune".

However, it has been ruled that the ex-soldier was under "considerable pressure" to perform the jump and the MoD has therefore been ordered to pay out an initial sum of £200,000, plus the same amount in legal damages.

The final bill, meanwhile, is expected to be significantly higher.