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Cyclist to receive compensation after suffering spinal injuries

Cyclist to receive compensation after suffering spinal injuries

A cyclist who was left tetraplegic due to spinal injuries he suffered after being struck by a car is to receive significant compensation.

Graham Gregory was travelling back from a friend's house when he was hit from the rear by a vehicle.

So severe were the 48-year-old's injuries that, after being treated at the Great Western Hospital, he had to be transferred to the National Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, which is run by Buckinghamshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

He spent 32 days in intensive care at the centre and remained there for a further two years before being transferred to Salisbury Hospital, where he stayed until last year.

Mr Gregory sued the driver of the car that struck him but the Motor Insurers Bureau took over the defence of the case.

Recently, the bureau agreed to settle the case with him on the basis of 90 per cent liability.

Paul Kitson, joint head of personal injury at Russell Jones & Walker, commented: "The MIB is a government body which compensates victims of uninsured or untraced motorists.

"Three people every hour are injured by uninsured and hit-and- run drivers across the UK.

"Although cycling is generally a safe and enjoyable way to travel, cyclists are unfortunately amongst the most vulnerable of road users, so it is important that the MIB exists to assist people such as Mr Gregory get the compensation they deserve."