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Compensation awarded to brain injury victim

Compensation awarded to brain injury victim
A man who suffered injuries to his brain has been awarded compensation.

The 39-year-old, who does not wish to be named, was struck on the head by welding equipment while working for the Bell Decorating Group, which operates a network covering a range of locations across England and Scotland.

He was involved in decorating the Repubblica Di Roma cargo ship in Falmouth when the incident occurred.

So severe was the damage he suffered that he has been left unable to work and he will have to rely on support from others for the rest of his life.

He suffers from deafness, poor short-term memory and concentration, as well epilepsy and severe headaches.

His mother stated: "This accident has had a huge impact on the whole family. My son's life has dramatically changed."

She added that the money he received will help to cover his daily living costs now that he is no longer able to go to work to earn money.