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Ex-railway worker secures compensation for industrial deafness

Ex-railway worker secures compensation for industrial deafness

A man who suffers from industrial deafness as a result of being exposed to excess noise while at work has been successful in his bid to secure a payout.

Roger Ferris was employed by British Rail between 1956 and 1982.

While working at the organisation, which was sold off to private firms in the 1990s, he was frequently exposed to the noise produced by pneumatic drills.

He operated as a fitter, turner and erector and worked for long periods of time in the boiler shop.

In a recent development, his legal team have agreed to a settlement concerning compensation.

Mr Ferris now requires hearing aids as a result of the damage he sustained to his hearing.

According to his legal representative, many industrial deafness sufferers do not realise that the hearing problems they develop in later life are a result of their employment and simply attribute their difficulties to old age.