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Committee calls for abolition of statutory retirement age

Committee calls for abolition of statutory retirement age

A committee of MPs has called for the abolition of the UK's statutory retirement age.

In a report on the recently-published Equalities Bill, the Commons work and pensions committee said that current rules governing retirement contradict the Labour administration's wider social policy.

Members of the group said that older people should be able to continue working without facing statutory barriers, ePolitix reports.

Chairman of the committee Terry Rooney also called for an extension of employment tribunal powers.

According to the politician, such tribunals should be able to make recommendations for employers to amend their practices or order reinstatement.

Mr Rooney said: "We completed our inquiry before the Equalities Bill was published but we intended that our report should inform consideration in both Houses of this important legislation."

The Equalities Bill is intended as a means of simplifying the system by replacing a series of laws with one piece of legislation which covers a range of areas, including sex, race and age discrimination.