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Compensation awarded to workplace accident victim

Compensation awarded to workplace accident victim
The victim of a workplace accident has been awarded compensation, it has emerged.

Such were the nature of the injuries suffered by Michael Blinkhorn that he was unable to return to his role as a prison officer.

The incident occurred while the 42-year-old was conducting his duties at HMP Wolds, a category C training prison for adult males.

An inmate had become aggressive and was smashing up his cell, tearing the sink off the wall and spilling cleaning fluid across the floor.

Mr Blinkhorn entered the cell along with a number of colleagues travelling in single file.

While involved in the attempt to restrain the prisoner, he suffered serious injuries to his hand which have prevented him from returning to his role.

After spending five months off work, he began a new role as a warehouse operative for the mobile phone company O2.

GSL UK, which employed Mr Blinkhorn at HMP Wold, admitted liability for the incident and settled out of court.