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CAB 'sees rise in pregnancy discrimination claims'

CAB 'sees rise in pregnancy discrimination claims'

A Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) has seen a significant rise in pregnancy discrimination claims, it has emerged.

According to Ann Jay, senior employment adviser at Citizens Advice in Cheshire, the number of women taking action in such cases is on the increase, the Guardian reports.

She said: "I'm taking a lot of calls from women who are coming back from maternity leave for their employer to tell them there has been a 'restructuring' when, in fact, they've simply realised that they can do without them."

Ms Jay went on to say that firms wanting to avoid redundancy payments often come up with other reasons to get rid of staff and this tends to generate more claims of discrimination and unfair dismissal.

Employment tribunal services figures cited by the Guardian suggest that there has been an increase of nearly 25 per cent in the average number of monthly claimant cases accepted for consideration over the past nine months.

Currently, there are 426 CAB in operation across England and Wales, as well as 22 in Northern Ireland.