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Bank manager launches discrimination claim

Bank manager launches discrimination claim

The manager of a bank in Nottingham has launched a claim of discrimination against her employer.

Mona Awad, who works for Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) - a group which employs a total of around 72,000 people - is suing for up to £1 million.

The 29-year-old accuses the bank and two former senior bosses of treating her unfairly on the grounds of sex, race and religion.

She claims that she was a victim of bullying since starting work at the organisation in April 2007.

Ms Awad, who was born in Egypt, accuses one of her ex-bosses of asking her if she could "handle two men" and suggesting that a colleague had been watching her in a bikini while on holiday.

She also suggests that the firm had no protection policies in place against bullying.

While HBOS accepts that some incidents took place, it denies liability for the actions of the two men, who have since left the company.