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Pensioner injured in fall receives payout

Pensioner injured in fall receives payout
A pensioner who suffered serious injuries in a fall at her home has been awarded compensation, it has been revealed.

The 81-year-old stepped into a open hatch in the floor of her hallway and sustained major damage to her right upper arm and severe bruising and contusions to her back and legs.

She had been having work conducted on her central heating system when the accident occurred.

Adrian Newth, trading as Perthshire Oil Heating, was fitting an oil-fired central heating system into the property as part of the Scottish Government Central Heating Programme.

British Gas Services, which describes itself as "the nation's leading energy supplier", had been contracted to manage the programme by Communities Scotland.

The firm was ordered to pay compensation and fines totalling £4,700 during a recent hearing.

"Contractors must take positive steps to prevent any incident by implementing a safe system of work approach where all holes are covered or have barriers to ensure the safety of all persons whether occupants or visitors," stated Health and Safety Executive principal inspector Jim Skilling.