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More people seeking advice over redundancy, charity says

More people seeking advice over redundancy, charity says

According to a UK charity, a rising number of people in the UK are seeking employment law advice concerning redundancies.

Figures produced by Citizens Advice suggest that the number of enquiries made by such people in England and Wales increased by 125 per cent between April and November, going from 200 per working day to 425.

In response to rising unemployment, the organisation has issued advice concerning legal rights to those who have been made redundant and to those who fear they may lose their jobs.

Among the issues covered was that of contractual requirements. Citizens Advice points out that workers with contracts should be entitled to adequate notice of dismissal or pay in lieu of notice in addition to any redundancy pay.

Meanwhile, workers who believe that their employer did not select them for redundancy in a fair and open manner have three months in which to prepare a claim for an employment tribunal, it adds.

Chief executive of the organisation David Harker said: "In this current climate it's imperative to know your rights and be able to access free advice if you have been made redundant or fear you may be."

Offering advice on a range of issues, Citizens Advice operates from 3,200 locations across Britain.