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Military amputee to get an additional £49k in compensation

Military amputee to get an additional £49k in compensation
A soldier who lost his leg has been awarded an additional £49,000 in compensation, it has emerged.

Matthew Woollard was in Helmand, an Afghan province situated in the south-west of the country, when he stepped on a landmine in May last year.

The 18-year-old was on patrol at the time, the Essex Echo reports.

Initially, he was awarded £49,000 by the government. However, that figures is now to be doubled as a result of changes to the armed services compensation scheme which were recently announced by the Labour administration.

Mr Woollard said: "I will get 100 per cent more than what I received originally, which I'm obviously really pleased about.

"I think the changes to compensation will make the compensation payments much more realistic in future."

However, the soldier went on to say that he feels sorry for the service people who are less seriously injured as they will not receive "anywhere near" as much extra.