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Ankle injury results in payout for worker

Ankle injury results in payout for worker
An employee who suffered damage to his ankle while at work has been awarded £17,000 in compensation.

Joe Large fell down a gap between two machines which should have been lined up square.

After slipping down the four-inch space, the 47-year-old sustained torn ligaments, which doctors initially diagnosed wrongly as a broken bone.

His ankle was put in plaster for six weeks and now has to be strapped up. It still swells up when it is overused.

As a result of the injury, Mr Large had to go on long-term sick leave. He was later made redundant by Ferrotech before it went into liquidation.

The firm was based in Tipton, a town which is situated around half way between Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

Commenting on the incident, Mr Large said: "This accident has had a profound effect on my life. If I had not been injured I could be working many more hours than I am now. The pain in my ankle means I have to turn down jobs that involve ladders or scaffolding."