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Older workers 'still face discrimination'

Older workers 'still face discrimination'

Despite the introduction of age discrimination legislation two years ago, older workers still receive unfair treatment from employers, it has been found.

According to a survey of 370 jobseekers aged over 50 conducted by the Age and Employment Network (TAEN), 63 per cent reported that they were seen as too old by employers.

Meanwhile, 42 per cent said they were seen as either too experienced or as over-qualified.

TAEN chief executive Chris Ball said: "The introduction of legislation outlawing age discrimination in employment has certainly not eradicated it - particularly in recruitment where it is difficult for an individual to prove discrimination and take legal action."

He added that the over 50s are going to face even greater barriers as the UK's economy continues to deteriorate.

Established in 1998, TAEN is an independent charity and is based in London. It is supported by Help the Aged and aims to be a centre of excellence on issues concerning age.