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Chief executive wins further £15k at tribunal

Chief executive wins further £15k at tribunal

A chief executive who successfully claimed unfair dismissal has been awarded a further £15,000 in compensation.

Judith Oliver had been successful in a previous hearing when it was decided that her employer - Disability Action Yorkshire - had sacked her unfairly, Third Sector reports.

It was ordered to pay her £60,000 and to reinstate her in her position.

However, the organisation refused to do so and launched an appeal to reverse the ruling that the worker should be allowed to return to her position.

The charity lost the appeal and has now been ordered to pay Ms Oliver the additional compensation, reinstate her and backdate her pay to November 2006 when she was dismissed.

Commenting on the decision, the worker said that she was happy to be able to put the anxiety and pressure of the case behind her.

Meanwhile, Disability Action Yorkshire - which is based in Harrogate and provides services for disabled people living in Yorkshire - said its trustees were disappointed in the verdict but stood by their original decision.