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Mother secures compensation over alleged clinical negligence

Mother secures compensation over alleged clinical negligence

A mother has received £3.3 million in a settlement with a GP in a case of alleged clinical negligence.

The payout centres on nine-year-old Caitlin Lang, who was left seriously disabled following a delay in the diagnosis of meningitis.
She had been taken by her mother Nicola Lang to a GP in January 2000 suffering from the condition but was sent home again.

The doctor had diagnosed her with gastric flu and instructed her mother to give her Calpol.

Caitlyn's condition continued to worsen and, two days later, she was taken to hospital, where she was diagnosed with pneumococcal meningitis.
Ms Lang was warned that her daughter could be brain damaged when she recovered and, when she reached the age of one, doctors discovered she had cerebral palsy - a condition which effects movement and coordination.

She also has serious learning difficulties.

Recently, it was ruled that Caitlyn would have gone on to lead a normal life if she had received the treatment she needed when her symptoms were first spotted by her mother.