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Ex-chief executive claims employment discrimination

Ex-chief executive claims employment discrimination

The former chief executive of Nottinghamshire Black Partnership (NBP) has taken the organisation to tribunal claiming racial and sexual discrimination.

According to reports in This is Nottingham, Aneela Asim alleges that she was victimised by a board member who could not accept a Pakistani woman in a position of power.

The ex-employee was appointed in 2006 as the chief executive officer of the NBP - an umbrella organisation that strives to bring together the black and minority ethnic voluntary and community sector.

She alleges that former board director Najeeb Nazir obstructed her work.

Ms Asim stated: "[He] did not welcome my appointment as he did not believe a Pakistani woman should be in that position."

She claims that he was involved in the blocking of funds requested by her and says she was forced to take time off work in 2006 suffering from a form of neuralgia, which she believes was caused by stress.

However, legal representatives acting for Mr Nazir argues that the challenge to her appointment as chief executive stemmed from the absence of a Pakistani representative on the appointing body, rather than from prejudice towards her.