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Worker wins £5k after success at employment tribunal

Worker wins £5k after success at employment tribunal

A man has secured a payout of £5,940 after a successful claim at an employment tribunal.

Eddie Fleming, who was employed by the Hastings Child Support Agency (CSA) and was chairman of the local branch of the Public and Commercial Services union, alleged that he was sacked as a result of his union activities, the Hastings Observer reports.

Following a seven-day hearing, the worker secured the compensation and won the right to go ahead with an internal appeal against what he considers to have been unfair dismissal.

Mr Fleming accused his manager, Kyle Whipp, of imposing a blanket ban on him taking time off to attend important union meetings, where the threat of job losses at the CSA was being discussed.

In September last year, Mr Whipp wrote to him accusing him of failing to attend essential training classes and of showing a "non-committal" attitude, suggesting his behaviour amounted to serious misconduct and issuing him a final written warning.

Mr Fleming wishes to be reinstated at the CSA, which is overseen by the Department for Work and Pensions.