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Man awarded £60k compensation following workplace accident

Man awarded £60k compensation following workplace accident
A man has secured compensation of £60,000 from his former employer after suffering serious injuries in an accident.

In September 2004, dairy farmer Brian Clemens was charged by a cow which had become distressed after being separated from its calf.

The 49-year-old was thrown into the air and landed heavily on his right shoulder and hip.

Commenting on the incident, he said: "It was absolutely terrifying. I thought I might lose my life," the Sun reports.

The ex-farm worker, who now runs a shop with his wife in the Cornish ex-mining town of St Just, added: "It was a preventable accident but it left me unable to do my job and I lost my home, which was a tie-in of working at the farm."

After undergoing operations on his shoulder in 2005 and his hip in 2006, Mr Clemens regained 80 per cent mobility.