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Man who lost leg launched clinical negligence claim

Man who lost leg launched clinical negligence claim

A man who had his right leg amputated is claiming medical negligence, it has been revealed.

William Swallow alleges that hospital staff misdiagnosed his condition, resulting in the limb having to be removed.

In a high court writ, the 86-year-old states that the leg was lost in June 2006 after he had spent a number of weeks in considerable pain, the Norfolk Eastern Daily Press reports.

He had developed pain in his leg in April of that year because of a deep vein thrombosis - a condition whereby a blood clot forms in a deep vein, usually in the leg.

Two ultrasound reports, however, delivered inconsistent results and he was told he did not have a thrombosis and his leg would improve.

Only two days later, Mr Swallow collapsed and was taken to hospital, where his leg was amputated below the knee.

His leg continued to worsen and, in May, he required a second operation, this time to remove the leg above the knee.

Mr Swallow is suing Queen Elizabeth Hospital NHS Trust in an attempt to get compensation of more than £500,000.