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Former secretary may take boss to employment tribunal

Former secretary may take boss to employment tribunal

An ex-secretary may be set to take legal action against her former employer, it has been revealed.

Marilyn Bristow worked as a medical receptionist at the Albion Surgery in the south-east London area of Bexleyheath for 18 years before her employment was recently terminated, News Shopper reports.

She was due to retire in April next year but had been off work with a spinal injury since July 2007.

Ms Bristow claims that, rather than allow her to retire early on ill-health grounds, which would have safeguarded her NHS pension, the surgery sacked her with a notice period of 11 days.

According to the former worker, her employers refused to discuss the option of early retirement with her or the three months' notice she was entitled to under the terms of her contract.

Although Ms Bristow has not yet gone to an employment appeals tribunal, she is now taking legal advice from the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service.

The Albion Surgery, meanwhile, declined to comment on the case.