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Employment tribunal numbers rise

Employment tribunal numbers rise
The number of worker grievances taken to employment tribunals rose last year, new figures reveal.

According to the Tribunal Service's annual report, such cases increased by one-third over the 12-month period, reports.

A total of 189,348 claims were received last year, compared with 143,474 in 2006-07.

Meanwhile, multiple claims were said to be responsible for a fall in disposals, particularly complex equal pay complaints brought by people in local government and the NHS.

The report states: "These types of claims remain in the system much longer than other types of claims and subsequently contributed to a 73 per cent increase in the number of outstanding cases from 138,200 in April 2007 to 239,300 in March 2008."

Employment tribunals are judicial bodies which serve to determine the outcome of disputes between organisations and workers over employment rights.

The vast majority of hearings are open to the public.