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Former butler wins unfair dismissal case

Former butler wins unfair dismissal case

An ex-butler has been successful in his claim of unfair dismissal, it has been revealed.

Paolo Sclarandis accused his employer, wealthy widow Lady Jaqcueline Killearn, of sacking him unfairly, breach of contract and failure to provide a contract.

During an employment tribunal, the 64-year-old alleged that the millionaire was "extremely unpleasant to work for".

According to Mr Sclarandis, who lost his job two years ago, she threw walking sticks at him and called him a variety of names, including "toad" and "monster".

He also said that, during the two years he worked for her, he was made to work up to 67 hours a week.

Lady Killearn meanwhile, who was married to a diplomat and has dined with the likes of Winston Churchill, accused the former butler of neglecting his duties.

During a recent hearing held in Ashford, it was ruled that Mr Sclarandis had been unfairly dismissed because the statutory dismissal procedure was not followed.

He was awarded compensation of £1,200.