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Employer fined after ride-on mower overturns

Employer fined after ride-on mower overturns
A company has been issued a fine following an incident in which one of its employees was injured.

During a hearing at Wakefield magistrates' court, Alfred McAlpine Government Services - which is now owned by Carillion - was ordered to pay £2,400 plus costs of £2,821 after it pleaded guilty to breaching health and safety regulations.

The accident occurred on the A1M motorway and involved a 28-year-old worker, who was operating a ride-on mower.

He was travelling along an embankment when the machine overturned, trapping him between the vehicle and a safety fence. As a result, he suffered crush injuries to his pelvis.

During the hearing, it was claimed that the worker had not received sufficient training to assess the potential risks on ground where there was a serious risk of the mower overturning.

"The absence of a suitable and sufficient risk assessment and clear guidance for employees led to a ride-on mower being used on an unsafe slope," stated Health and Safety Executive inspector Andrew Denison.