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Firm found guilty of disability discrimination

Firm found guilty of disability discrimination

A recent employment tribunal ruled that a company was guilty of direct and indirect disability discrimination, it has been revealed.

William Sinclair Holdings - a supplier of gardening and commercial horticulture products - was ordered to pay an employee a "substantial" compensation settlement as a result, the Lincolnshire Echo reports.

Jill Pardo suffers from an incurable degenerative illness named systemic sclerosis and claimed she was punished by the firm for taking time off sick.

Under a policy introduced by the company, staff accrued points for sick leave and, when they reached a certain number, disciplinary action was taken.

Despite being diagnosed with her medical condition, Ms Pardo was still disciplined for her absences, eventually being issued a final written warning.

Commenting on securing the compensation, the 49-year-old said: "I hope this ruling sends out a clear message to employers so people who find themselves in the same position as me are treated fairly and allowed to go on working on a level playing field."