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Everton FC threatens to sue in libel case

Everton FC threatens to sue in libel case
Everton Football Club has threatened to sue a campaign group which is against its plans to move to Kirkby, the Liverpool Daily Post reports.

The club, which is planning to build its new stadium in Kirkby - a town situated in the metropolitan borough of Knowsley - has complained about an assertion on the Keep Everton In Our City's (KEIOC's) website that the Everton fans' ballot over the stadium move last summer was not fair.

Ian Ross, a spokesman for the Everton, said: "The simple truth is that we're no longer prepared to have what we believe to be defamatory statements made about the club, its employees or the manner in which we staged the fans' ballot."

The club's solicitors had demanded that the passages in question were removed by no later than March 28th.

Meanwhile, the KEIOC has described the action as unnecessary and heavy-handed. It has also reissued its challenge to Everton representatives to hold a public debate on the subject of relocating the club.