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'Time limits apply' in employment tribunal claims

'Time limits apply' in employment tribunal claims

Claims to employment tribunals have to be made within set time limits otherwise they will not generally be considered, north-east newspaper the Evening Gazette reports.

An example provided by the publication involves cases in which employees are dismissed and believe their sackings to have been unfair.

In instances such as this, the individual involved usually has three months from the last day of his or her employment to put in a claim for unfair dismissal. If they fail to meet this deadline, they may lose the right to a hearing.

Other types of claim that are often subject to a three-month time limit are said to include breach of contract, discrimination, right to rest breaks, statutory paid holidays and time off for dependants.

If the type of claim being made is subject to the use of a statutory grievance procedure, however, this time frame can be extended by a further three months once the grievance procedure has commenced.

At the beginning of this month, the limit on unfair dismissal and redundancy payment awards made in certain employment rights cases rose.