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Council 'to give out thousands in equal pay settlements'

Council 'to give out thousands in equal pay settlements'
A council may be set to offer thousands of pounds to around 3,000 mostly female employees, it has been revealed.

Cardiff council, which delivers services to around 320,000 people, has been advised to make settlement offers to all potential recipients of equal pay claims "in the interests of maintaining good employee relations and preventing costly and time-consuming legal action".

The settlement could see the staff involved receive more than £9,500 each and the council has been permitted to borrow £11.5 million to cover the cost if its executive agrees to the proposals.

Employees believed to be affected will be invited to attend a number of briefings to learn what their entitlement might be and how to claim it.

Commenting on the possible agreements, councillor Mark Stephens, executive member for finance, stated: "We want to ensure that we look after our employees affected in this way and have worked hard to bring as speedy a conclusion as we can to this process."