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Sickness-struck holiday makers offered compensation

Sickness-struck holiday makers offered compensation
A woman and her sister have been offered compensation following an outbreak of a violent sickness virus at a holiday village, the Daily Echo reports.

Despite the offer, however, Margaret Jones and her sibling Doreen Foot have complained about the way they were treated over the incident.

More than 100 guests, most of whom were pensioners, were affected by the illness during a Christmas-themed weekend at Warner Leisure Hotels' Lakeside Coastal Resort, which is situated off the south coast of England on Hayling Island.

As well as the guests, some staff were affected by the extremely contagious norovirus, which is the most common form of infectious gastroenteritis in England and Wales and causes sickness and diarrhoea.

Workers at the holiday resort realised an outbreak had occurred on Sunday and the holiday village was closed the following day in order to allow a thorough cleaning to take place.