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South-east 'has most sex discrimination claims'

The south-east of England has seen the highest number of employment tribunal claims related to sex discrimination across Britain, new research indicates.

According to figures produced by Acas, the region saw 2,255 such claims over the course of last year. Meanwhile, London came in second, with 920 sex discrimination claims during the same period.

The biggest concern for workers in the south-east was found to be unfair dismissal, with workers bringing 3,520 claims concerning this issue.

Standing at 1,113, the region also saw the highest number of cases relating to working time.

Paul Beard, the area director for Acas in the south-east, stated: "Employment tribunals are not only expensive, time-intensive and stressful [for companies], but they can also damage [their] reputations."

Figures released earlier this month by Acas revealed that Scotland saw the greatest number of employment tribunals last year, with 16,535 claims raised in the region during the period.