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Scotland tops employment tribunal table

Scotland tops employment tribunal table

Last year, Scotland saw more employment tribunal claims than anywhere else in the UK, according to new research.

Figures released by the advisory, conciliatory and arbitration service Acas indicate that 16,535 claims were raised in the area during the period, nearly 1,000 more than any other UK region, the Evening Times reports.

The study also revealed that pay issues were the most significant problem facing workers north of the border, followed by claims of unfair dismissal.

Director of Acas in Scotland Frank Blair commented: "The number of individual work tribunal claims in Scotland this year do not come as much of a surprise.

"The majority came from the public sector about equal pay, some of which have been well publicised and are continuing."

Over the past year, 9,286 equal pay grievances were raised in Scotland, as well as 1,178 Wages Act complaints and 3,348 claims of unfair dismissal.