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Football manager contests dismissal

Football manager contests dismissal

Rowan Alexander, the former manager of Scottish Premier League football team Gretna, is set to take his recent dismissal to an employment tribunal.

Alexander, who was sacked earlier this week after a period of leave due to illness, was appointed manager in 2000.

As well as contesting his dismissal, he is also launching an action for non-payment of wages.

The 46-year-old attempted to gain entry to the club during August on the opening day of the season but was turned away.

Commenting on the sacking, Alexander said: "It's a club I've devoted a lot of my life to. I've made sacrifices to be there. After the success that we've experienced up until now, why leave something like that?"

He added that he has nothing against the personnel at the club and would welcome an invitation to restart his old job.

His former assistant Davie Irons, who took control of Gretna during Alexander's absence, has been confirmed at its new manager.