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Doctor faces compensation claim

Doctor faces compensation claim
A widow has launched a bid for compensation after her husband died from a malignant skin tumour, the Peterborough Evening News reports.

Jennifer Flowers claims that her former spouse Roger would not have died but for a doctor's failure to remove the tumour.

He had gone to his GP in February 2001 after Ms Flowers had noticed changes in the shape and colour of a mole and was referred to consultant dermatologist Dr Richard Mallett.

London's High Court was told that Mr Flowers, who had a fair complexion and many moles, had seen Dr Mallett on three occasions between April 2001 and July 2002 prior to receiving a diagnosis of advanced cancer.

The doctor faces claims that he should have removed the mole, which was situated at the base of Mr Flower's neck, when he first saw him.

According to Bupa statistics, over 60,000 people each year are diagnosed with skin cancer in the UK.