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Waste company breached health and safety laws

Waste company breached health and safety laws
A waste company from Milton Keynes has been fined over £7,500 after an accident in which a worker was seriously injured.

In October last year, forklift driver Andri Halonka sustained a compound fracture of his left arm when the forklift truck he was driving overturned on to its side. He did not have a seatbelt on at the time.

Community Waste, which operates a waste recycling and harvesting service, was found guilty of committing serious health and safety offences at Milton Keynes Magistrates Court.

Following the hearing, Health and Safety inspector Karl Howes commented: "This painful accident could have been avoided if the company had put the right measures in place to stop the forklift truck overturning."

The firm should have ensured the vehicle did not move in the process of loading and unloading and Mr Halonka should have been wearing his seatbelt, he added.