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McCanns to sue Portuguese paper

McCanns to sue Portuguese paper

The parents of missing girl Madeleine McCann are set to launch a libel action against a Portuguese newspaper after it claimed that detectives believe they killed their daughter.

Last Friday Tal & Qual reported a story under the headline "PJ believe that the parents killed Maddie" and later, in the same edition, published an article entitled "PJ believes in the fault of the parents".

The publication reported that police believe the McCanns killed their daughter either by accident or with a fatal drug overdose.

A spokesman for the couple commented: "The McCanns feel these allegations are very serious and highly damaging. They also feel that it is a distraction from the investigation."

He added that the police have stressed that the pair are not suspects.

Legal documents for the libel case against Tal & Qual are due to be sent to a court in Oporto, where the newspaper is based.

Madeleine has not been seen since her disappearance in May from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz.

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