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Council pays £240k for school accident claims

Council pays £240k for school accident claims

Newcastle Council has paid out £238,549 in compensation and legal bills for accidents on school premises in the last two years.

The council topped a list of payouts from northern local authorities over schools-related claims, reports.

Among the claims was a payout of £46,000 for a pupil who injured his arm while using a drill and a claim of £3,500 after a pupil suffered a head injury when a window was left open.

Meanwhile, a further £550 was paid to a pupil who was injured when a bookcase fell on him.

Other schools in the Tyneside region also saw large payouts for school accident with Sunderland city council's bill totalling £101,816 and Middlesbrough's standing at £54,055. The latter's largest claim was for £11,480 after a pupil's fingers were trapped in the door of a toilet cubicle.

Total payouts for schools in the north of England stood at £600,000.
Schools in Middlesbrough, meanwhile, had to pay out £54,055 in compensation and legal fees.