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£8,000 compensation for sacked hotel manager

£8,000 compensation for sacked hotel manager

An assistant manager of a hotel who was dismissed when she found out she was expecting a baby has won £8,000 compensation on the grounds of unfair dismissal, it has been reported.

Tracey Lamond, 28, was taken on at the Clachan Hotel in Aberfoyle in Perthshire on May 8th 2006.

However, within three days of taking the job she discovered she was expecting a baby.

Upon informing staff of this she was demoted with staff being informed of the decision at a meeting.

Her fellow employees were told by manager Steven Bates that Ms Lamond's demotion was due to her lacking sufficient experience but that she would still be paid the same salary of £14,000 a year.

Subsequently, however, after taking time off for morning sickness, she was dismissed from her position.

According to a report in the Scotsman online, the payment award was granted by the employment tribunal which decided that her treatment constituted sex discrimination.

The award included a sum of £2,000 which was made to compensate Ms Lamond for injury to her feelings.