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£34k compensation for racially abused technician

£34k compensation for racially abused technician
A woman was been awarded £34,000 compensation by a tribunal after suffering eight years of racial abuse at her workplace.

Pauline Taylor, 61, had worked at Benham General Engineering as a technician since 1999 in which time she was repeatedly referred to in a racially derogatory manner by her colleagues.

In particular fellow-workers had called her a "nigger" and she was referred to as a "token black" when she was included in the firm's promotional material.

Meanwhile, staff often discussed the British National Party's policies favourably around her and on one occasion campaign literature from the right-wing group was left on her desk.

As well as the compensation payment, the firm was also ordered to undertake a diversity training programme for its management and directorial staff.

Should it not comply with the order, Ms Taylor, who is due to return to work upon the completion of the training, will be eligible for further compensation.

The tribunal concluded: "This is a company that is riddled with racists and racism from director level to the production floor and requires root and branch reform."