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Compensation for man injured in nightclub fracas

Compensation for man injured in nightclub fracas
A Portuguese man has been awarded compensation after breaking his jaw during a fracas with a nightclub doorman.

Madiu Dejalo will receive £250 in damages after the incident which occurred when former doorman Martin Chapman pushed him to the ground.

As a result, Mr Dejalo spent five days in hospital having treatment for the injury.

The recorder Stuart Bridge accepted that Mr Chapman already asked Mr Dejalo to leave the Zen nightclub and that at the time he had been a man of good character.

However, Mr Bridge ruled that by taking a violent course of action, he had not displayed the restraint expected of doormen.

He told Mr Chapman: "I accept the incident was not of your making and you did not in any way provoke it. But doorman are expected to be firm and show restraint. It is their duty to defuse situations and not add fuel to the fire."

Along with paying the damages to Mr Dejalo, Mr Chapman was also ordered to complete 80 hours of community service and was placed under a three-month curfew.