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Teacher cleared of indecent assault on pupil

Teacher cleared of indecent assault on pupil
A married teacher has been cleared of indecent assault against a former pupil after a judge deemed the complaint an unreliable witness.

The claimant alleged that she had a relationship with Michael Taylor when she was 15.

Mr Taylor claimed that the relationship had commenced after she had left Soar Valley College School in Leicestershire at 16 and denied two charges of gross indecency with a child and eight counts of indecent assault.

However, the former-pupil, who is now aged 26, testified that "80-85 per cent" of the relationship had taken place while she was still a student and under the age of consent.

The case was brought to a close by Judge Peter Morrell when it came to light that a Crown Prosecution Service worker had overheard the claimant telling her father that "I will get compensation and give you loads".

Consequently, Judge Morrell deemed her evidence "not worthy of belief".

A spokesman said: "The judge agreed that it was right to bring this case. However, new evidence came to light which we were legally obliged to tell the defence."