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Parents of autistic boy awarded compensation

Parents of autistic boy awarded compensation

The parents of a six-year-old Irish boy with autism have been awarded £40,000 in compensation for delays in providing him with education.

In a hearing in March, the judge had dismissed Sean's parents claim that the state was compelled to provide their son with a special form of treatment for autistic children called Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) for 30 hours a week.

However, Mr Justice Michael Peart ruled that the Health Service Executive had nonetheless had breached its duty of care to Sean O' Cuanachin through delays in his treatment that it did provide him with.

Mr Justice Peart said: "In my view there was a 12-month period of time which was lost to the plaintiff and that this was significant in terms of what he might have gained in reduction of deficits during that time.

"I am satisfied that this impacted on his life at home and on his development both in physical terms and in terms of learning, and particularly in terms of language and adaptive behaviour."

The parents will also receive a special damages payment of £6,800.

It is thought that the case could have significant ramifications for a further 150 families who encountered similar treatment and are seeking increased levels of ABA for their children.