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Norwich prison pays out compensation claims

Norwich prison pays out compensation claims
Two inmates at Norwich prison have been awarded £8,000 in compensation as a result of "unfavourable treatment" from guards, recent figures have revealed.

It is thought that the cases relate to the prisoners' treatment after a fire at Yarl's Wood Detention Centre, where they were incarcerated at the time.

The payments forms part of a series of claims made by inmates for compensation payments from the jail, which also include £2,000 for miscellaneous injuries and a further claim of £13,350 for an injury claim settled the previous year.

Meanwhile, claims relating to loss of property on the part of prisoners since 2001 amounted to £2,864.

Commenting on the cases Mr James Shanley, governor of the prison, told Norwich Evening News: "Sometimes we do have injuries. We have a workshop here where, like any employer, injuries can happen.

"We have some 19,000 to 20,000 movements of prisoners each year, rightly or wrongly, and people's personal belongings do go missing. If that happens then the prison is responsible and I take a pragmatic view of it. If somebody has some £30 trainers go missing, which they have owned for a year, I will offer £15," he said.